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Teen Driver Facts *
Teens have the highest car crash rate of any age group The chance of one crash in the first three years of driving is 89.2%
This year, almost 60% of 16-18 year-old drivers will be in a police-reported collision The chance of two crashes in the first three years of driving is 52.5%
Teens are 400% more likely to die in a car crash than 25-34 year-old drivers The chance of three crashes in the first three years of driving is 13.3%
16 – 18 year old annual crash rates are up 6% between 2000 and 2003 The teen licensed driver population will grow by 15% between 2000 and 2010 to over 10 million
* The facts quoted here are from the National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2004 edition.


Nationally, 58% of all 16-year-old drivers get into a police-reported car crash in their first year of driving, and 42% of all teen drivers get into a car crash each year *
Crash Rate Chart Annual Automobile Crashes by Age
6 factors highly correlated with teen auto crashes
  1. Speed Control
  2. Space Management
  3. Risk Perception
  4. Visual Search
  5. Hazard Recognition
  6. Lifestyle Issues

Initially developed for the insurance industry to reduce claims, we are proud to offer this proven and effective training program to teens and parents. teenSMART is the only crash avoidance training program for teen drivers that has ever been scientifically shown to significantly reduce teen driver crashes.

Crash Reduction Chart


  • Computer-based training: The computer training is a series of full-motion video driving simulations that come on a set of 6 CD-ROMs that your teen loads on the home computer.
  • Parent Guide and Student Workbook: These instructional manuals guide you through all the steps of the program including the Parent-Teen activities. These activities include drive time in the vehicle with the parent and the teen.
  • DVD: This video includes lessons presented by mature teens in a fun and informative “MTV-style” format. The lessons include discussions about risks and avoiding crashes. The video lasts about an hour and is fully integrated with lessons in the other materials.
  • Driving Practice Manual: This manual helps parents meet any mandated, in-vehicle supervised drive time requirements. It includes over 50 activities that provide over 70 hours of in-vehicle structured exercises.
  • Allstate and AAA insurance companies offer a teenSMART graduate discount. They vary from 3% to 20% of your premium each year. Considering that adding a teen driver to your insurance policy can add $1500 (or more) to your premium each year, even a small annual discount can pay for the teenSMART program. Even if your insurance carrier does not offer a discount in your state/province, avoiding even a single car crash by using the proven crash avoidance skills taught by teenSMART more than pays for the program. Consider the costs of such a crash – auto repairs (thousands of dollars), increased insurance premiums and increased insurance deductibles (if the policy isn’t cancelled altogether).
  • Insurance deductibles are usually $500 or more. teenSMART graduates get into fewer collisions and pay lower deductibles – and that saves you money too.
  • Certificate of Completion: There is a certification test at the end of the computer time. Successfully completing teenSMART may qualify your teen for an insurance discount (varies by carrier and by state).

You will need the following items to complete teenSMART at home:

  • A DVD Player.
  • Any personal computer running Windows 95 or higher, 32 MB RAM, Pentium 200 MHz processor, 4X CD-ROM drive.

teenSMART is not currently Macintosh compatible. However, some Macintosh owners have successfully run teenSMART using Virtual PC. Unfortunately, technical support is not available for Macintosh systems.

teenSMART :
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