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Suncoast Defensive Driving School offers flexible and enjoyable "in car training" that will meet your needs.

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Our cars are modern Toyota Corolla’s fully equipped with dual brakes, front and side airbags, anti-lock braking, anti-slip and Toyota Safety Sense™.

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All In-Car training packages include:

  • Training tailored to our students needs
  • Private defensive driver training
  • Pickup and drop off
  • Certificates of Completion for insurance discounts
  • Homework specific to individual package
  • Road test preparation as needed
We will be happy to discuss your situation and needs,
then help choose the best training option for you.

Six hours of behind the wheel training which consists of four nintey minutes of driving lessonsIn-Car:

  • 6 Total Hours Private In-Car Defensive Driver Training
  • Includes four (4) ninety (90) minute in-car lessons
Our most popular program providing a solid foundation for drivers with a grasp of basic skills


Comprehensive Home Study Crash Avoidance Program:

Teen Driver Fact *

This year, almost 60% of 16-18 year-old drivers will be in a police-reported collision

  • 6 Total Hours Private In-Car Defensive Driver Training
  • Includes, four (4) ninety (90) minute in-car lessons
  • Homework Package
    • teenSMART Crash Avoidance Program
      • Computer based simulator training
      • Parent-teen activities completed at home and in the car
      • Certification test completed on the computer
  • Successfully completing teenSMART and the in-car training may qualify your teen for an insurance discounts (varies by carrier).
Great choice for Allstate & AAA Insurance and for those seeking to include computer based simulator training


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In-Car 6/30:Approved 6/30 Hour Home Based Driver Education Program

Equivalent classroom time to all public school programs, with the convenience of home based study and the advantage of private in-car instruction.

  • 6 Total Hours Private In-Car Defensive Driver Training
  • 30 Hours of Home Correspondence Study

Certificate of Completion issued only upon successfully completing all How to Drive tests and teenSMART. Completing the 6/30 course may qualify your teen for an insurance discount (varies by carrier)

Great choice for Liberty Mutual Insurance and satisfies all nationwide standards for driver’s education programs. For home schooling families, this course exceeds the standards from the Florida Department of Education for Driver Education and qualifies for a .5 school credit.


* The 30 hour program requires internet access for How To Drive chapter tests and a Windows compatible computer for teenSMART.

In-Car 9:

  • 9 Total Hours Private In-Car Defensive Driver Training
  • Includes, six (6) ninety (90) minute in-car lessons
For the very beginner or those struggling with basic skills


In-Car 6 Semi Private:A great program for those families seeking 2 students per training session.  While one student is behind the wheel for 1 hour, the other student is fully engaged and observing, effectively giving the students 12 hours of training on the road.

  • 6 Total Hours of Behind The Wheel Defensive Driving Training Per Student
  • 6 Total Hours of Observation
  • Includes, six (6) two (2) hour sessions

$620 ($310 each)

** Students must be supportive and cooperative with each other.

** Pickup and drop off at the same location for both students

3 Crashes in 3 Years Course:

  • Complete the Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI)
    Online ($99)
  • Complete 4hrs of Behind The Wheel  Instruction
    • Two (2) two hour sessions

$275 + $99 for *Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI)

* Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI) is paid seperately to by clicking on the link

Individual Lessons:

  • Some students may require additional training beyond the 6 or 9 hours. In most parts of the world, 20 hours of in-car training is required! Our suggestion – your option.

$95 per additional 90 minute lesson

Driver Testing:

Why choose the expensive 3rd party testing option?

  • We can get appointments VERY quickly.
  • Your drivers licensed is issued on the spot. No need for the second trip the Tax Collector to get your license and no risk of being re-tested while you’re there.

We’ll pick you up, give you test brush up, be there for moral and practical support and drive you home. Taking your test in the car you trained in is very helpful. If your personal vehicle options are SUV’s or manual transmissions, our car will be MUCH EASIER.

Sarasota County DMV Appointments

Adult Road Refresher:
Brush your skills up with a professional instructor and learn new techniques for mature drivers. A 6hr classroom course gives you a discount on insurance, but private in-car training can keep you driving longer and safer, not to mention saving on insurance deductibles and potential licensing issues.All sessions are private with pickup and drop off at home.
Private and confidential, no reporting to licensing bureaus.
1hr session – $70
1.5hr session – $90 (Best option)

Select Option

Adult Driving Evaluation:

  • Our Adult Driving Evaluation is the most comprehensive senior driving review available. It’s designed for the licensed senior driver seeking a refresher or assessment of behind the wheel performance and general driving health.
  • A 1 hour session in our training car will identify strengths and weaknesses in practical road and driving situations.
  • AAA Roadwise Review, a state-of-the-art, computer-based screening tool is now part of the Adult Driving Evaluation Program. Roadwise Review is a valuable tool to help seniors drive safely longer. The eight abilities assessed in Roadwise Review include those most correlated to crash risk among senior drivers:
    • Leg Strength and General Mobility
    • Head/Neck Flexibility
    • High and Low Contrast Visual Acuity
    • Working Memory
    • Visualization of Missing Information
    • Visual Search
    • Useful Field of View
    • Visual Information Processing Speed (UFOV®)
  • Roadwise Review identifies potential problem areas and suggests ways to correct them. Just as an individual monitors their physical health, users of the tool can now measure changes in their driving health.
  • The computer program and driving session are completed privately. A State Certified Instructor will come to your location, supplying both the training car and computer. Upon completion, you will receive feedback and suggestions through a computer printout and in car evaluation. All information is private and confidential.


Use our car for your DMV road test. We prepare you for the test and show you all the techniques and hints you need to know. We will pick you up, be there for moral and practical support and drive you home. Taking your test in the car you trained in is very helpful. If your personal vehicle options are SUVs or manual transmissions, our car will be MUCH EASIER.

* Pricing is subject to student’s location.

For more information call 941-556-1161 or e-mail

Teen Driver Fact *

The chance of two crashes in the first three years of driving is 52.5%


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